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Our priority is to make our customer satisfied so you can contact with our friendly customer service 24/7.

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Our responsibility is keep you safe because of this reason we built the most secure softwares in the world

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Our Apps That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level.

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Our Story, Why we are here.

  • 2016-2017

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Everything started the founder of projehub aka John started drop shipping to pay his college dept.He started to make simple softwares to make the things easier and faster and after a while it became his vision to use softwares to make the people's life easier

  • October 2018

    A Software Company is Born

    John wanted to effect more people's life with the people who share his vision and it was impossible to wait to start that so he started to work 24/7 with his team to make people's life easier and he believe that he will keep working for that reason until he die.John says that "There is nothing more relaxing then to know that people have more time and energy by using our softwares"

  • February 2019

    Working With Students

    We decided to work with students more because we believe that students are underestimated and we know that everything is possible with passion and hard work

  • Today

    We are working as much as possible in order to increase the number of our products and the quality

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Our Amazing Team

Our Team That Dedicated Their Lives To Make Your Life Easier.

Dorsin Silan Isik

Lead Designer

Muhammet Can Zengin

Lead Marketer

Tugay Civgin

Lead Developer

You can contact with our team members they will be gratefull to fulfil you requests and ideas

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